GCS Executives and Officers

Maram Assi
Victoria Armstrong
Vice President (Operations)
Kathleen Abols

Vice President (University Affairs)

Amin Fakhreddine

PhD Grad Committee Officer

Tashaffi Samin Yeasar
MSc Grad Committee Officer
Youssef Yamout

Appointments Officer

Ryan Zhou
Information Officer
Dominic Philips

Information Officer

Ella Morgan

SGPS Liaison Officer

Paul Wilson

School Life Officer

Tindur Sigurdarson

Social Officer

Jeremy Banks

Social Officer

Ernesto Lang Oreamuno

COMPSA Liaison Officer

School of Computing Committee Representatives

School of Computing Council: Maram Assi, Victoria Armstrong, Kathleen Abols

Graduate Committee: Amin Fakhreddine, Tashaffi Samin Yeasar

Appointments Committee: Youssef Yamout

Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion Committee: Youssef Yamout

Resources and Space Committee: Paul Wilson

Beautification and Environment Committee: Paul Wilson

Computing Privacy and Ethics Committee: Dominic Philips, Ryan Zhou

Marketing Committee: Dominic Philips, Ryan Zhou

Check out GCS Constitution

The GCS Constitution outlines the mandate of the GCS, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Members and Officers. You can access the current version of the Constitution

Check it here